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VEIC Hosts Transportation Discussion with Cong. Peter Welch, State Leaders

Mar 25, 2014

Transportation policy was the topic of the day at a discussion hosted by VEIC and led by Vermont Congressman Peter Welch.

More than a dozen of Vermont’s leading transportation stakeholders, including Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott, Senate Transportation Chair Dick Mazza, and Transportation Secretary Brian Searles, were on hand to talk about challenges and opportunities for providing Vermonters with options to meet their mobility needs such as public transportation, biking, walking, and electric vehicles.

Karen Glitman and Dave Roberts from VEIC’s Transportation Efficiency Department participated in the panel. Karen’s remarks focused on various strategies for reducing transportation costs, such as:

  • Implementing transportation demand management (TDM) plans to reduce single-occupancy trips;
  • Replacing 19th century internal combustion engine vehicle technology with 21st century electric vehicle technology, which could reduce Vermont’s transportation fuel bill by $800 million per year;
  • Changing the current $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles to point-of-purchase credit that could be applied to the upfront vehicle purchase price; and
  • Restoring an expired federal tax credit for installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Learn more about VEIC’s transportation efficiency work here.

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