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VEIC Discusses Northeast Biomass Heating Trends on Marketplace

Nov 01, 2013

Adam Sherman from the Biomass Energy Resource Center at VEIC spoke with the nationally-syndicated Marketplace radio program about New England's leadership on the use of biomass for home heating. In his comments, Adam noted the economic benefits of biomass heating:

“If you heat with wood in the Northeast, 80 cents on the dollar stay in the region, says Adam Sherman, a consultant with Biomass Energy Resource Center in Vermont. He points to Vermont's capital as an example of how the region can grow sustainably.

“’The city of Montpelier is laying a grid of hot water delivery systems to the downtown, tying off of a wood chip heating plant. That’s a very innovative project that we’ll see more of.’

“Right now, the Northeast only gets four percent of its heat from wood. But an industry study says that share could increase to almost 20 percent if projects like the one in Montpelier catch on.”

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