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VEIC Leads Development of New International Biomass Partnership

Oct 28, 2013

The Biomass Energy Resource Center at VEIC played a key role in developing a newly-signed partnership between the State of Vermont and the State of Upper Austria to promote the development of biomass heating programs and technologies.

As a press release from Vermont Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller announcing the new partnership noted:

“Vermont and Upper Austria are both recognized leaders in the development and promotion of biomass heat as a local and renewable heating source. Nearly half of Upper Austria’s heating demand is currently met through renewable sources, with a goal of 100% renewable heat by the year 2030. For its part, Vermont displaces over 40 million gallons of heating oil annually through the use of biomass fuels, and is a leader in the deployment of biomass for schools and public buildings.”

VEIC, in collaboration with Renewable Energy Vermont and others, will support implementation of the partnership through activities such as jointly-organized workshops on biomass best practices; exchange visits by policy and industry experts between the two states; and development of business opportunities for the sale of biomass equipment as well as technical expertise.

Led by Consultant Adam Sherman, VEIC provides a full suite of services to help advance the deployment of biomass energy throughout North America. This includes technical consulting on projects, program design and implementation, and policy and advocacy outreach.

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