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Comments of VEIC Executive Director Scott Johnstone on the President's Climate Action Plan

Jun 25, 2013

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) Executive Director Scott Johnstone offered the following comments in response to today’s unveiling of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan:

“Today’s comments by President Obama represent a welcome commitment by the administration to start taking serious action on the issue of climate change. The science on this issue is settled and it is past time that we take strong steps to safeguard this planet for our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come.

“The plan’s focus on energy efficiency is especially welcome. We know from years of experience that energy efficiency – from our appliances to our buildings to our vehicles – is the least-expensive path to reduce our energy use and the negative climate impacts associated with it. Investment in energy efficiency is also a proven engine for local job creation and economic development. These documented, low-cost benefits are the standard against which other potential climate change investments should be judged.

“Further advancing clean energy investment, the plan also contains a commitment to support the increased deployment of clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Just as we have in the past invested in the development of traditional energy sources, moving forward we need to redouble our investment in the sustainable energy sources of the future.

“To be clear, given the magnitude of the crisis we face, today’s announcement was overdue and much remains to be done. However, it does represent a positive first step towards putting in place policies that will support a sustainable planet.”

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