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Growing the Green Economy

Sep 21, 2012

At a business networking gathering VEIC hosted last night in partnership with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR), Executive Director Scott Johnstone noted that the two organizations have a long history together, based on a shared belief that businesses can have a positive impact on the environment. The goals to protect the planet, improve the environment, and promote a high quality of life for people, he said, need not be in conflict with the drive to grow a business and improve the bottom line.

Indeed, VEIC was recently recognized as one of Vermont's ten fastest-growing companies over the last ten years by Vermont Business Magazine and Key Bank. In the last decade revenues at VEIC have grown by an incredible 463%, placing it in the company of some of the state's most dynamic businesses and highlighting the potential of sustainable energy to fuel economic development.

As part of the networking gathering, VBSR announced the launch of Business Energy Action, a new initiative that will help Vermont businesses reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. Business Energy action is being launched in partnership with Efficiency Vermont, the statewide energy efficiency utility operated by VEIC.

To learn more about Business Energy Action, visit the VBSR or Efficiency Vermont websites.

Visit the Vermont Business Magazine website to learn more about the annual 5x5x5 growth awards.


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