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VEIC Interns Promote Service and Sustainability

Aug 31, 2012

This photo shows the VEIC interns at the Intervale with their garden tools
VEIC interns get ready to start their day of service at the Intervale Conservation Nursery

Twelve students participated in VEIC's internship program this year, working on a range of topics including transportation efficiency, expanding access to energy efficiency for low income households, technical analysis, marketing, and accounting. As always, these students brought a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to their work, and had the opportunity to make a substantive impact on VEIC projects.

A key component of the VEIC intern program is to encourage students in their efforts to learn about, and serve, the wider community. This year's interns decided to spend a day volunteering at the Intervale Conservation Nursery in Burlington, Vermont. Over the course of the morning, they weeded beds of willow trees that will be used in river bank restoration projects throughout Vermont, helped clear vegetation, and rebuilt a fence at the facility.

To learn more about the Intervale Conservation Nursery visit: http://www.intervale.org/what-we-do/intervale-conservation-nursery/

For more information on the VEIC 2012 summer interns: http://vbsr.org/news/news_veic_hires_twelve_summer_interns/

To learn more about the VEIC internship program, coordinated in partnership with Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, visit: http://vbsr.org/intern_program/

This photo shows the VEIC interns setting fence posts at the Intervale in Burlington Vermont.
Mending fences.

This photo shows a group of VEIC interns weeding a willow bed.
Weeding the willow beds.

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