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VEIC Executive Director Scott Johnstone Speaks at a U.S. Senate Forum on Jobs

Feb 03, 2012

At the invitation of Senator Bernie Sanders, VEIC Executive Director Scott Johnstone attended a meeting of the Senate Democratic Outreach and Steering Committee to discuss the role of energy efficiency in creating jobs. He highlighted the success of VEIC, which has seen a 286% growth in revenues since 2005, and has increased its number of employees by 130% over the same time period.

Energy efficiency, he said, "can drive our economy, drive job creation, and assist us all in reducing our energy bills.  It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil...With the opportunity for all Americans to gain from [investments in efficiency], it is as positive a choice as our nation could make."

Full text of Scott's statement (PDF)

Photos from the meeting at sanders.senate.gov

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