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A New Chapter

Scott Johnstone -

Last year, VEIC celebrated 25 years of success in advancing its mission to reduce the economic and environmental costs of energy use. We've done this work around the world, with dozens of partners, offering services and advocating policies that advance investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

As we look ahead to the next 25 years, we decided to update how we present ourselves to better reflect our mission and core values. Today, we're excited to share those changes with you. They highlight our passion for creativity and innovation, and our commitment to big thinking that leads to big results.

The most notable change you will see is VEIC's completely new online presence. More than just a new design, we have updated our web site to illustrate the unique value we provide to our clients, partners, and fellow advocates.

Substantively, this means breaking down the silos between electric, thermal and transportation energy efficiency, and between renewable energy and energy efficiency: we offer comprehensive approaches that address all energy, regardless of type or use. It also means embracing community-based approaches, engagement through the use of technology, and policies that provide benefits to homes and businesses as well as to the energy systems they rely on.

Lastly, we have recommitted ourselves to focusing on energy as an investment; a concept that is so important to us that it lives at the core of our very name: Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. Energy investments aren't solely economic in nature; they shape our environment, our opportunity as individuals, and the society that we live in. VEIC is developing and implementing energy investment strategies that support economic and environmental goals alike.

In collaboration with partners, colleagues, and friends, we have been able to accomplish a lot in our first 25 years. However, there is still an incredible amount of work left to do. We look forward to the challenges ahead.

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