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Northeastern states are developing the market for super-efficient electric heat pumps to warm and cool homes and businesses, enabling a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from buildings in the region. A new VEIC report commissioned by NRDC, shows heat pumps can provide a clean, efficient, and affordable option in a region where oil and propane furnaces are widespread. Read more »

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VEIC Limited-Income Efficiency Programs Recognized for Effective Design

  • News
Oct 31, 2017

Sun Shares Demonstrates New Approach to Community Solar

  • News
Oct 05, 2017

VEIC Congratulates Top ACEEE-Ranked States for Energy Efficiency

  • News
Oct 04, 2017

VEIC Co-Founder Beth Sachs Receives VBSR Lifetime Achievement Award

  • News
Sep 19, 2017

VEIC Welcomes Jim Madej as New Chief Executive Officer

  • Press Release
Sep 07, 2017
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