Event Date
09/19/23 through 09/22/23
Event Location
Denver, CO
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VEIC Consultant Jacqueline Freidel has been invited to share her experience designing, building, financing, and living in a high performance home in Wisconsin. Using data from home energy monitors, solar production monitoring, and energy bills, Jacqueline will demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency. The presentation will define what it means to be energy efficient in the various components of the home including the structural elements, insulation, air sealing, and windows, and describe the uniqueness of the home's mechanical system and address the design rationale for a second electrical panel. The presentation will also detail key financial decisions related to an all-electric and net zero design and the installation of a 15 KW solar panel system. Finally, the presentation will offer programmatic recommendations for energy efficiency programs and utilities seeking to support customers who want to pursue a net-zero and all-electric home design.

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