Event Date
02/27/23 through 03/02/23
Event Location
New Orleans, LA
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VEIC Senior Consultant Brian Picariello has been invited to present on "Increasing Electric Vehicle Adoption Among Rural and Low-Income Households." EV adoption is most common among drivers who can afford new cars and have access to home charging options. EVs can reduce transportation cost burdens for lower-income and rural households, but significant barriers exist. This breakout speaker session will explore how projects in the Northeast have identified and / or tested solutions to these challenges.

VEIC Senior Consultant Myriam Tourneux has been invited to present "Testing New Solutions to Overcoming Barrier to Residential Building Electrification." Decarbonizing the entire residential sector is a goal that cannot be met with current efficiency program budgets and practices. However, it is a necessary step for mitigating the severe social costs of the climate crisis. This presentation addresses the funding of scalable ideas that target classically underserved, hard-to-reach markets, where climate impacts create the highest societal costs.

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