Past Events

At VEIC, we continually learn from and contribute to the community of practitioners, experts, and researchers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Through participation in conferences, events, webinars, and more we share information on best practices, new methods and technologies, and latest trends.VEIC has participated in the following events:

Webinar: The Transportation ESCO Concept

128 Lakeside Avenue Burlington Vermont

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) is hosting a webinar to explore the concept of Transportation Energy Services Company models. 

VEIC is a mission driven non-profit dedicated to reducing the environmental and economic cost of energy use. As part of our mission, VEIC operates an energy services company (ESCO) to help encourage investment in efficient technologies. We are also considering this model for the transportation sector: can a total cost of ownership model reduce energy costs through deployment of electric vehicles? 
This webinar will present results of market research and fleet assessments, focusing on the potential of a transportation ESCO (T-ESCO) to achieve financial savings and environmental benefits. 

We also hope to facilitate a discussion on the following: 
- Applications for T-ESCO programs in the transportation sector. 
- Improved fleet management and reduced transportation energy use 
- Using the T-ESCO to reach smaller, underserved markets 

Join project leaders Justine Sears and Bethany Whitaker for a lively discussion of the Transportation ESCO concept.

Webinar: The Transportation ESCO Concept

April 21, 1:00 pm

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