Past Events

At VEIC, we continually learn from and contribute to the community of practitioners, experts, and researchers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Through participation in conferences, events, webinars, and more we share information on best practices, new methods and technologies, and latest trends.VEIC has participated in the following events:

National Ski Areas Association-Western Winter Conference and Trade Show

2200 Village Inn Court Steamboat Springs Colorado
The Steamboat Grand at Steamboat Springs

VEIC will be exhibiting and presenting.
Mike Leonard, Consultant, VEIC will be presenting.
George Lawrence, Consultant, VEIC will be presenting.

Optimizing Mountain Operations: Energy Cost Reductions by Analyzing Snowmaking Metrics

Featuring: Jeff Cullinane, Finance & Business Development, Intrawest Resorts, CO; George Lawrence, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., VT

Snowmaking, by far, is one of the biggest energy hogs. Jeff Cullinane, a finance and efficiency expert at Intrawest Resorts, has implemented hugely successful snowmaking energy monitoring programs at Stratton and Snowshoe, resulting in reduced energy costs of more than ten percent, with savings of up to a hundred thousand dollars in just one season. By vigilantly tracking key metrics and smartly forecasting demand and consumption, Intrawest will discuss how it has achieved sizeable energy reductions in snowmaking. Jeff will tag team with experts from Efficiency Vermont, who advocate a similar Snow Energy Index system which laser-focuses on continuous energy improvements in snowmaking through tracking water, air, and kilowatt usage, and real-time adjustments designed to achieve significant energy reductions. Efficiency Vermont will also unveil results from an analyses on a spectrum of snow guns, and highlight behavioral changes that can be implemented on-the-fly to lower energy costs.

Building For a Better Future: Continuous Energy Improvements for Ski Area Buildings

Featuring: Mike Leonard, Consultant, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., VT; George Lawrence, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., VT

Believe it or not, buildings and structures in the United States constitute the largest source of emissions in the atmosphere from a climate change perspective. We have invited two experts from Vermont Energy investment Corporation (VEIC), a non-profit consulting firm that administers energy efficiency and sustainable energy utilities in Vermont, Ohio, and Washington DC. This session will hone in on ways resorts can better manage energy use to continuously improve energy performance in ski resort buildings – base lodges, condos, resort restaurants and all aspects of mountain operations. There will be an emphasis on applying the proper management framework to enable your resort’ staff to set goals, identify opportunities and make changes to save energy