Photo of Maria Brown
Maria Brown oversees VEIC’s Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Customer Support, and Policy teams. She is a strategic thinker and has an insightful understanding of the markets we work in. Maria brings creativity to her role leading a large and diverse team to engage clients and ensure their goals are met.

Drawn to VEIC’s environmental mission, Maria joined the organization in 2007 as a member of the Marketing team. Using her background in writing and design, she helped to elevate our brand and expand the organization’s reach. Over the years, her work has been more operationally focused. Maria is a skilled team-builder, striving to nurture growth and opportunity among her staff. Her ease at navigating different perspectives makes her an excellent problem solver and an asset to the leadership team.

Maria is a strong advocate for our customers and brings the client voice into crucial discussions. She values candid, direct conversations and always aims to bring fun into the workplace. Outside of work, Maria can be found supporting her son’s Ski Racing dreams, baking intricate cakes, or designing and printing custom stationery on her letterpress.

“I love the strategy, operations, and management work that I get to do day to day, but when I have the opportunity to get out into the market to meet with clients and partners, I get really energized. Hearing first-hand the challenges our clients face and the goals they aim to achieve really inspires me to dig in and find solutions that meet their needs and make a meaningful difference in the world.”