Photo of Jim Madej

Jim Madej is VEIC’s CEO. Heading up the leadership team, Jim guides overall strategic direction, business development and performance of the organization.

As a seasoned leader with decades of experience in the energy industry and a substantial background in energy efficiency and market transformation, Jim has a deep understanding of the ever-evolving energy landscape. His focus throughout his career has been on delivering excellent customer focused services, a value that he has fostered among VEIC staff across the organization.

Jim’s leadership style is direct and transparent. He welcomes thinking that is outside the box and he encourages idea sharing at every level. Since he joined the organization in 2017, his focus has been on ensuring that our services are informed by client needs, industry trends, and innovation. Jim has driven VEIC’s expansion into new markets and regions to broaden our impact through clean energy advancement.

“I feel lucky to lead VEIC. It’s an organization full of smart and creative people who truly care about the organization’s mission. I strive to push my team to think big and to question the status quo. The more we adapt and grow, the better equipped we are to generate the energy solutions our world needs.”